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Invent to Learn

Title: Invent to Learn
Authors: Gary Stager and Sylvia Libow Martinez
Takes the time to refresh us (or introduce some of us)
To the various learning theories, their common denominators, and how they were instrumental to where we are today. Taking the time to understand the roles these theories play in the Maker Movement “make” it easier to understand and implement.  Book continues with practical ideas and examples of practice.

Make, Learn, Succeed

Title: Make, Learn, Succeed
: Mark Gura        
Easy read that introduces and gets the reader excited  about maker spaces.  This book has more of a High Tech foucs and better suited for upper grades. 

The Art of Tinkering

Title: The Art of Tinkering
Authors: Karen Wilkinson, Mike Petrich
This book has examples from over 100 artists sharing their discovery of blending  art, science and technology.  Ever artist has their own story and plenty of visuals for examples.  Very motivating book with lots of ideas a teacher can take back to the classroom.



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