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Making the Space
Define Your Space

As you see there is no one generic definition of Maker Space.

The first step to developing your Makerspace is to build a common vision with those who will be using it. 

A great activity you can conduct with both teachers and students is to use this card sorting activity based on this publication from Tufts University “A Card-Sorting Task to Establish Community Values in Designing Makerspaces”. Lindsey Own teaches science at The Evergreen School in Shoreline, WA, conducted this activity at her school with great success. She has generously shared her deck of values and activity cards. 


Values Cards
Values Cards

Activity Cards
Activity Cards

Physical Space

Now that your Makerspace has a vision with definition! It is time to Make the Space!

Makerspaces can be found in libraries, classrooms,and other open areas. Your definition will help led you to where it should be. School logistics will complete where you will locate it. But what will go where? It is important to have a blueprint of how the space will be set up.

Ideas for designing your Makerspace

Design Online
Classroom Architect is a FREE online resource designed specifically for the school environment. This would be great to do with some of the “stakeholders” for your Maker Space.

“Make” the Design
Designing the space could also be a great activity for a class or after school group. In the spirit of Maker students can create a floor plan using graph paper. Then produce a prototype using a variety of materials including balsa wood, legos, cardboard, or something else. A prototype would be great to display while the Maker Space is under construction.

Sketch Up the Design
Sketch Up Pro, is available FREE from InfoOhio and would be a great way for a class, or group of students to create a 3-D model of your Maker Space. Sketch Up is a great tool to incorporate into curriculum.


Video: Cincinnati Country Day School Makerspace

Video: Cincinnati Country Day School Makerspace

Video: Buckeye Local Schools, Media, Gardening Makerspace

Video: Buckeye Local Schools, Media, Gardening Makerspace


Photos of Makerspaces

Photos of Makerspaces


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